Friday, August 28, 2009

Want to repair your credit Check it out!!!!!

DSI Solutions are now the #1 Credit Repair Solution Online with a lot of satisfied customers
What do they really do?

Credit repair refers to clearing your bad credits in your file doesnt matter whether its a car loan,
house loan or even credit card balances.Credit history one of the most dangerous terms in financial
dictionary which will stick with you forever and hard to get rid of it.

But!!!!! DSI makes it possible.It doesnt matter what was in your past,let it be your background or credit record
you will be amazed with the results.You can save a lot of money,lose frustration,relax and at the end of the day can improve credit.

Here are few benefits with good credit repair

1)An approved home loan with a low intrest rate

2)A nice appartment without paying rent through money orders

3)Apply for a credit card with low intrest rate

4)Get a auto or health insurance and save 27% on your auto insurance alone

and goes on..for more infomation on benefits click here

How does your bad credit becomes a clean credit and please find the credit repair information below

Two new acts FCRA () and FCAT were passed recently and these were passed to make your creditors and credit beaureu responsible
to take back up of each and every claim against your credit.A sum of 29$ will be charged to get the three credit reports
and negative items are worked on and will be removed as legally as possible.They can directly talk to teh credit agencies which
reported negative and bad credit on you will be removed legally and written confimation for deletion will be sent to you.

DSI Credit repair solutions has three bonus ways and as follows

First Free bonus "The Insider Guides to Success" it is an e-book that gives you easy to follow financial guides to success
It teaches you how to
get mortagage with little and low down payment
get the lowest insurance price by cutting down the middleman
learn how to effectively use a credit card
Learn how to start a new internet business and goes on
its free of cost when you start your service

Second Bonus is 10% off if you sign up your service before Aug 28th.One payment instead of three

Thrid bonus is if you dont feel satisfied or dint meet your expectations ,you will be paid 50$ back on top of your money
for wasting your time.This is just to prove that there is not risk with DSI and your credit will be repaired.

The Last bonus is other credit repair companies charge 99$ for set up free and 39$ every month which will reach 597$ but still you will have to get
and fax your credit report but here its entirely different.You need not even pay the initail $30 for getting the reports its even included in the service
so that we can start straight away with the business with a clean credit repair ready not more than in six months with affordable price and award winning service

Here are the steps to get started

1)The Fastest way is to use Secure server online(click here) and by ordering Insiders guide to success will be deliverd teh same day.
2)If you are not a credit card holder pay through cheque click here.
3)Sign up using toll free number 1-866-382-3410 (24/7 service) but the Insiders guide to success book will be delivered only after 48-72 hrs.
4)Take a print of an order form and mail or fax to sign up.Click here to print


rusakparah said...

Are this really work to repair our Credit???

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great post, it really helped me alot…gives me alot of information… thanks…. nice job…
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while your credit repair company works hard at cleaning up the tangle of old errors on your report, you need to settle into a new program of thoughtful and prudent account management.

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