Friday, September 28, 2007

Billa 2007 not up to the mark

Billa by ajith is not so intresting like the previous one starred by our superstar....i dint find it so nice when i rushed to watch it on the very first day not for ajith but for rajni.....i dont think this film was taken as a remake it looks as though they have tried to do modelling with ajith and nayanthara......this film may hit block buster for three reasons one for nayanthara n next ofcourse for superstar's story n third is that ajith dint speak much in this.....nways old is gold...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Holiday concepts

The L'amicale Gobal Leisure club is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified club in chennai,as well as in Tamilnadu.Located just a kilometre from the Chennai Trade and Convention Centre at Nandambakkam,the club is easily accessible to both families and corporate clients.Spread over an area of 3.5 acres,it is the ideal destination for a home away from home,or to simply relax letting your stress take a backseat.

Affliated with more than 166 prestigious clubs across the country.L'Amicale offers several facilities like a swimming pool,jacuzzi,tennis courts,a multi-cusine restaurant,banquet & confernce halls and much more,along wit 14 rooms and two cottages,priced rs 1500 per day on single or double occupancy for members.

Encouraged by the phenomenal response to its Global Leisure club,th emanagement of L'Amicale has just launched the concept of "Vacation Villas" on East Coast road near marakkanam on the way to Pondicherry.These villas equipped with all the facilities that the L'Amicale club offers,would act as the perfect platform for the owners to make the most of their time while staying as their own villas,whether on business or leisure.

So dont miss it!!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ATM Review

Vijay Ilaya Thalapathi has failed to prove besides giving so many successfull hits for the last couple of years.Azhagiyya Tamizhmagan (ATM) though was a nice movie but not so much interesting and nice like his previous films.Few years before Vijay gave so many flops and gave a good comback after that starting from Kushi to pokiri.His Films Kushi,Badri,Priyamanavale,friends,Thrupatchi,Thirumalai,Sivagasi,Aadhi,Pokiri were all super hit films.
Talking about this film Atm there is no words to speak about his acting.Inspite of that he is doing Double role for the first time in his career he has shown a great difference in two characters by changing his voice modulation.His costumes were awesome and dance no need to describe about his dance.The main reason why this film is not so successfull because of the climax.If it has been changed damn sure of 100 days..

Prestigious Issue for Aussies

The Boxing day test played every year on 26th december in melbourne is considered to be the most important match for australians..even world cup will sound little low.....The history says that aussies right from the year 1950 have never lost to any of the teams on that particular test match ......south Africa was there in 2005 n india now....every time this test comes in the middle of the series but this time the very first match....viru smashed 195 in 2003 lets c this time....lets c if kumble can turn the history if not atleast the ball....hahahaha..
Queue for Boxing Day sale outside large store.
Photograph taken at 6:00 AM.